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3 Ts

Restoring Health With the “3 Ts”

We believe in three main causes of interference in your body—something that Dr. Jim likes to call the “3 Ts”.


– When trauma occurs in our body, it can come on hard and fast through something like a car accident or slow and steady from something as simple as poor posture. When we don’t seek care for our injuries, no matter how small, the body can be greatly affected.


– Each day, many of us are consuming toxins without even realizing it. From the foods we eat with hard to pronounce ingredients to the drugs we give our children when they’ve got a cold—it all adds up to create a level of toxicity than can show itself in the form of dis-ease.


– Did you know that a baby can become subluxated in the womb if the mother is having a stressful pregnancy? Through our own thinking, we can create stressors that damage our health.

Our goal isn’t just to remove interference happening within your body as a result of trauma, toxins or thought, but to help you understand how it got there, why it started, and what you can do to prevent it from happening again—naturally!

Help Your Family Get Healthy

Whether you’re dealing with pain from an old injury, are looking for options for a child’s illness, or just want to feel better, we can help. Contact The Health Doctors, Ltd. today to book your first appointment.

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