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Meet Dr. Matt Milonas

Dr. Matt grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago graduating Wheaton North High School in 1993. He grew up playing football, basketball, but excelled at baseball.

Matt attended University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana graduating in 1997.

While at the U of I he suffered some severe and painful injuries to his knees that led him on a journey to find healing through Chiropractic as the traditional approaches failed. Always wanting to be in the healthcare field he decided that because chiropractic changed his life, he would become a chiropractor.


Dr. Milonas graduated from National College of Chiropractic in 2001, and has been practicing with his wife Dr. Jessica Milonas, in Naperville IL ever since.

Chiropractic is the Solution

In 2015 Dr. Matt suffered a horrific sequestered L5-S1 disc injury that changed the course of his life and practice forever.

But through that challenge and healing from the pain associated with the disc injury, and able to do that without surgical intervention, he has created an extremely successful and novel approach to handling acute and chronic pain using chiropractic care and other wholistic solutions to pain.

The family practice focuses on the restoration of neuro-spinal function through precise and scientific chiropractic adjustments, spinal rehabilitation, as well as a novel way of handling pain at home for his patients and those he coaches around the world, he calls Pain Sucks.

Outside the Practice

Dr. Matt enjoys golf, baseball, auto racing, doing CrossFit and watching his girls ride at equestrian sports!

He has spoken around the nation to businesses, schools, sports teams and the national PTA and more. His greatest accomplishment however is being husband to Jessy and father to Cecilia and Charlotte.

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