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Dr. Patricia Russell

Exam Doctor

Chiropractor Warrenville, Dr. Kathleen MonacoI pursued my chiropractic education at National University of Health Sciences after becoming a mom of two and searching for a doctor who would support my family’s dedication to preserving wellness naturally. I ultimately decided to become the doctor I was looking for. While in chiropractic school, I had two more incredible kiddos and was blessed to experience the benefits of prenatal adjustments as well as the amazing results from adjusting my own babies.

I hold certifications from Life University and the Pediatric Experience, Webster technique, Acupuncture, and I am a Lactation Specialist. I am committed to providing comprehensive care to families, specializing in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. As the Founder and President of the PX club at National, I am dedicated to advancing the field of pediatric chiropractic and supporting families on their wellness journey.

Outside the Office

Outside of my practice, I enjoy living life to the fullest with my husband and children—camping, horseback riding, biking, swimming, and paddle-boarding. I am honored to join you on your wellness journey and grateful to share my passion for prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care with the Health Doctors family.

Our promise to your whole family is this – we got you! We know the exact science, steps, and clinical systems needed to get real results and truly “Expect Miracles” for your entire family!

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